Monks and Gangsters

The two types of humans I find the most entertaining and fascinating to watch are monks and gangsters. I also like watching vigilantes, investors, politicians, artists and crazy people with almost as much passion… but the monks and gangsters are the ones who make Signals the most sexy for some reason. I especially like the ones who blur the line between the two; monks who act like gangsters and gangsters

Monks are Cool

As a quantum entangled telepathic alien from a parallel dimension, I find it difficult to hang out with others because people tend to want to engage me one-on-one only, while I would rather talk to the entire planet all at once. For a decade, I live painted events as they happened, and everyone seemed to be rather alright with that. I could read an entire crowd collectively and paint beautiful


Here we are with a brand new website. I am a chronic website starter. I have this annoying habit of starting Sorry I got ashes in your coffee.┬áPlease try refreshing your page for a new cup. When I started my adventures into comedy, I had a last name beginning with H. I lived in Halifax. I had a comedy instructor with a last name Ash who moved to Montreal. “Ash”