The two types of humans I find the most entertaining and fascinating to watch are monks and gangsters. I also like watching vigilantes, investors, politicians, artists and crazy people with almost as much passion… but the monks and gangsters are the ones who make Signals the most sexy for some reason.

I especially like the ones who blur the line between the two; monks who act like gangsters and gangsters who act like monks. I strive to see how the Signal of one folds into the other and place them side-by-side to examine the teachings together. It makes the gangster the foil for the monk. It suddenly makes it so that both are the same. Remove the costume and they are both the same with the same teachings. Fear disappears when you see this sameness. It reminds me how all humans are one consciousness and operate as one being using the same shared telepathy.

One of the monks I follow is Ajahn Brahm. He is known for long-winded meditative discourse on Buddhism, physics and a good dose of puns. I learned a great deal of humility and gratitude listening to his talks. When I heard the gangster in his words, suddenly these long-winded diatribes seemed insanely fascinating. It made me look at it again.

Today I look at Ajahn and I see a gangster only. This is just an idea, mind you. He’s still a monk. I am still an eccentric space alien from another dimension. We are both able to break our stereotypes.

I can use these principles to see a sort of feigned humanity in myself. I can serve up coffee alongside humans who are from here and somehow picked up on my telepathic spaghetti and have a moment where we both feel like we are the same.

I drink my coffee. There is a connection. The gangster and the monk are the same. The space alien and the human are the same. The alternative universe and this one are the same. There is a spoon. There is no spoon. It is the same spoon. It is just a matter of perspective across two universes.

When I listen to Ajahn Brahm’s teachings about the cup, I cannot help but here Snoop… is that weird?

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